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Release Yoonade 4.2 ver terbaru... Grandchase Cheat

Global SD Hack
#SD Hack + left mobs
Now Available !
Activate - F2
De-Activate - F3
#If you press Activate, the activate button disables and u can only Deactivate.
#If u deactivate, the deactivate buttons disables and u can only press Activate.
Note: "Once the button "Activate" has been pressed it disables and you are allowed only to press the "Deactivate" button & vice-versa when you press the "Deactivate" button. We added this so you guys won't crash if you press a wrong button or hotkey."
Regions working in
# All regions
Download Section

1.1) Open Yoonade.exe
2.1) Click browse
2.2) Choose your GC folder Directory.
2.3) Choose region
3.2) Press Activate
3.3) Once "Activate" was pressed inside your GC folder there will be a small executable called Bypasser.exe. Run it.
3.4) Login-Screen ,unlock stage folder
3.5) Deactivate
3.6) Login
3.6) Dungeon screen during loading/ 95% click activate [Take note, only activate when 95% ]
3.7) After a dungeon run, deactivate it
Points to Note
1) Activate at 95% only!
2) Don't finish a dungeon run before 45sec/ hero dungeons 1:30mins
3) wait for the boss to die, before pressing X, this will prevent DC
4) Run the hack as Admin & set UAC to highest [ UAC = User Accounts Control Setting ]
Originally Posted by ****Speed using Google Translate™
@Vista/7 32-bit users
The hack should work fine for you guys. Don't forget to make Unlocker work, you need UAC on. How to enable UAC:
1.Open Control Panel.
2.Under User Account and Family settings click on the "Add or remove user account".
3.Click on one of the user accounts, for example you can use the Guest account.
4.Under the user account click on the "Go to the main User Account page" link.
5.Under "Make changes to your user account" click on the "Change security settings" link.
6.In the "Turn on User Account Control (UAC) to make your computer more secure" click to unselect the "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer". Click on the Ok button.
@Win Xp 32-users
Once at the login screen start Kernel Detective. Click on the main.exe process and then donr forget that you have to close TWICE the handles for ai.kom, deactivate and login.
@All users
Activating the hack at 95% is a MUST! Be concentrated and you will succed.
Unlocking Tutorials
Unlocker Instructions:
1. Activate Hack then Bypass
2. when at log in screen right click ai.kom in stage folder then unlocker
3. your screen should turn black and a windows will appear with a yes or no option, of course choose yes. for shot the run administrator option
4. a window will pop up
5. click unlock all
(note its better to do this 2 times or more to avoid errors)
6. deactivate hack
7. log in choose any server
8. create a room with the hack deactivated
9. start, when game loads activate the hack
10. when dungeon is completed deactivate
(repeat steps)
Kernel Instructions (from l2lipe's thread)
.1 - Open the Script's Chaos and Kernel Detective (Download in Topic), before see if the directory folder of your Grand Chase is correct!
.2 - Turn Hack / Script Desire. Now you'll need to open the Grand Chase for a Bypasser, I recommend this one GrandChasePH Bypasser Auto-Patcher + +-Lag Hack Version 4! [UPDATED]
.3 - Wait for the Grand Chase LS Load.
.4 - In the login screen, go back to Kernel Detective and click on any tab (Example: "Handles", ie to update the list of processes), after updating the list again tab "Processes" and look for the process of Grand Chase (Main.exe). If your Windows x32 is the process name is in red, if Windows x64 Appears normal.
.5 - In Case of Grand Chase (Main.exe) Kernel Detective selected.
.6 - Now is a time a little tricky, look over a tab handles Kernel detective named, found click on it. This tab appears blocked thousands of files per process. Look for a tab called "Name" and click it.
Now what you should do is look for:
(C: Level Up! Games Grand Chase Season 3 Stage ai ai.kom)
(C: Level Up! Games Grand Chase Season 3 Stage ai ai.kom)
Just so 2x each.
.7 - Right-click on each one, and look for "Close Handle". Do this with each one.
.8 - Now you go to Program / Hack (Chaos Scripts), disable the hack you activated it in step 2.
.9 - Sign in to your Account quietly Grand Chase.
.10 - Choose Mission build the room, and press OK. In Charge of the Mission Return to Hack / Script (Chaos Scripts) and re-enable Hack / Script that activated in step 2.
.11 - After killing the head of the mission Gaining quick return to the Hack and Disable Hack / Script that has been activated in Step 2.
Ps: Repeat All Steps you log in Gc.
Ps ²: Repeat steps No. .10 and .11 every time you start a mission.
Ps³: If your machine has windowns 7, follow the tutorial, and the part that has to use the kernel, use an Unlocker Any.
darkmegazero's steps for kernel detective
1.-put the program (hax) in grand chase folder
2.-Activate Hack then Bypass
3.-when at log in screen, go to Kernel Detective, at Processes tab list look for the process of Grand Chase (Main.exe) and click it, If your Windows x32 is the process name is in red, if Windows x64 Appears normal (if u found ur GC process so watch the next step :P)
4.-go to Handles tab and click on the tab, now down in the list, click on the tab "name" just to arrange the list by names, Now what you should do is look for:
(C: Level Up! Games Grand Chase Season 3 Stage ai ai.kom)
(C: Level Up! Games Grand Chase Season 3 Stage ai ai.kom)
PD: if u are NAGC player so u know u have to look for:
(C: Ntreev Grand Chase Stage ai ai.kom)
(C: Ntreev Grand Chase Stage ai ai.kom)
5.-Right-click on each one, and look for "Close Handle". Do this with each one
6.-now return to the hax program and click on "deactivate"
7.-Sign in to your Account of Grand Chase
8.-create a room with the hack deactivated
9.-start, when game loads activate the hack
10.-when dungeon is completed deactivate
11.-repeat steps 9 n 10 each time u play a dungeon

MAAF untuk pata pembaca IDGC.... memakai bahasa inggris karena saya pake blog protector agar ga bisa di copas sama orang laen...


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