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Cheat Grand chase pake cheat engine lol Opi~

Haha... pake bahasa inggris gan!.. kalo ga mudeng bisa translate aja ke google translate di Google

Read and follow these steps first for protection from being banned Click here

What will happen is we will make the 1st stage become the boss stage so that hunting will be faster and easier. This method is also called "stage hack" using CE or Cheat Engine. This works for "64bit" ONLY

New version of Cheat Engine"6.1"
Click this to download

1. fast stones for unlocking characters
2. for collecting boss cards
3. for fast title(champion mode)(compatible only for 1hit hack and nonSD users because, you need to finish a dungeon more than 45secs. For heroic dungeon 1min 30secs.

Grand Chase
(CE) Cheat Engine 6.1
SD hack or 1hit hack (optional)
1. Open GC and make a room in trial tower
2.1 open CE, click process list
2.2 look for main.exe and click it
3. start game
4.1 finish the 1st stage and go to 2nd stage
4.2 in the 2nd stage scan for 1
4.3 3rd stage scan for 2
4.4 boss stage scan for 3
5. after that you'll get 4 or 5 address, get the 1st two address
6. freeze them and change their value according to what character or dungeon your in

ronan- gaikoz castle- 9
lass- partusay sea- 11
ryan- elven forest- 7
amy- cursed lake- 5
jin- ruins of the silver knights- 5
sieghart- outerwall of serdin- 4
mari- primal island- 5
dio- forest of victor- 5

Duel Hunting in Thunder Hammer= 2

Heroic Dungeon
Shrine of Ruin= 5
Hell's Furnace= 9

Outer Wall of Serdin= 4
Kerrie Beach= 5
Orc Temple= 5
Gordos' Dungeon= 7
Elven Forest= 7
Gorge of Oath= 8
Marsh of Oblivion= 8
Forsaken Barrows= 8
Forgotten City= 8
Gaikoz's Castle= 9

Silver Land
Grove of the Ancients= 5
Ruins of the Silver Knights= 5
Cursed Lake= 5
Marsh of the Blue Dragon= 5
Primal Island= 5
Plains of the Red Wyrm= 5
Fort Victor= 5

Partusay's Sea= 11
Kamiki Castle= 12
Temple of Fire= 11
Hell Bridge= 11
KazeAaze Castle(Lass Form Boss)= 14
KazeAaze Castle(True Form Boss)= 1
Kastulle Ruins LF= 14
Kastulle Ruins UF= 6
Bermesiah's Last Stand= 15

Xenia Frontier(Renasien)= 9
Xenia Frontier(Octus)= 10
Temple of Origins= 5
Mana Valley= 5
Ignis Mountains= 5
Altar of Balance= 6
Shrine of Entropy= 5
Forest of Life= 6
Castle of Domination= 4

Hammerfall= 6
Undermine= 5
ThunderHammer= 7

Goblin Labor Camp= 5
Underground Tunnel= 6
Kungji Island= 6
Mirage Desert= 5

make sure to finish the dungeon more than 45secs, 1min 30secs for Heroic dungeon or you'll get detected
for those who will use SD hack(those who will finish a dungeon less than 45secs) quit after the boss die, you will still get the items.
For 1 hit hack go here --> 1 hit hack


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